Photo of Maggie Chalifoux

The Artist

For me, the painting experience is always intuitive. There have certainly been frustrations and periods of hard work studying and attempting to make breakthroughs. But overall it is a joyful experience, and a blessing in my life. I hope the viewer can feel the pleasure I take in painting. At its very best, it becomes a dialogue between the piece and me, as the art spirit informs me of each step. The most wonderful results come from this experience of process, where I am more observer than director. Art for me is very personal and spiritual.  I strive to bring something fresh and new to my process every day.

I am originally from Columbia, SC, though I have spent most of my life in Richmond. I studied art and art history at Virginia Commonwealth University. That first love was put aside for a career in IT and raising a family. After 25 years, I was finally able to paint full time. I have been showing my work around VA since 1990. In 2006 I moved to Lake Gaston in southern Virginia.

Over time, I move from objective to nonobjective, from still life to landscape. I don’t try to box my creative energies. I try to remain open and allowing the creativity to flow easily. I am endlessly curious, and love to experiment. In the past I have been primarily an oil/acrylic painter. This year I have begun to paint with encaustics (hot bees wax) and plan to continue in that direction. As for subject matter, I am finding a pleasing balance between non-objective (abstract) and figure works.

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